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Mum deserves to be looked after

Welcome to Pepsicles!

Your Postnatal Home Help

. Let us care for you during those first critical weeks at home with your new baby.

Pepsicles has become Once Upon A Baby ! Please check out all the details of this prenatal and postnatal home help service. And also check out the blog for mums !


In the old days your own mum would be looking after you. With our busy lifestyles nowadays let us provide you with this important care. New mothers need and deserve to be looked after.

We have carefully selected carers who will come in and look after the new mother, her household and her family. Most, if not all of our carers are mothers themselves and know what it is like to have a new baby. If you are looking for a nanny or a maternity nurse, please let us know as we might have someone in your area.

Our service is ideal if:
You are expecting twins
You haven’t got family support close
You have an older preschooler at home
You had a traumatic or difficult birth
You had a Caesarian section and need to rest
Your partner/husband has a busy job and needs to get back to work soon after the birth

Our Mission Statement

Our aim is to look after mum and her household, so mum can look after her newborn baby. Home help and care is offered in a supportive, non-judgemental and non-intrusive way. It is mum who decides what she needs help with.